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The state of Orissa is in the eye of the storm and is a talking point at the national level for its acute and poverty conditions. Since independence, things are little changed, especially for the poor and the down-trodden. Even though several schemes and programmes are implemented for the welfare of the poor and marginalized. But somehow due to systemic failure the fruits have not reached to the targeted beneficiaries.


Due to the huge size of the country and problems of inaccessibility and to a large extent due to lack of awareness marginalized sections of the society do not demand their due rights. Realizing the need to make the people aware a group of young people with similar thought process came together in the backward areas of Ganjam district, which is one of the most backward regions in the state.


This group of like minded workers tried their best to ensure the right entitlements to the people and tried to take the fruits of technology to the people. Later, this small forum was registered as a voluntary organisation under relevant acts to enable it to receive funds from various quarters.